1. What is STL?

STL is the short form of Spread The Love. It is a campaign co-ordinated by Mavuno Church that seeks to mobilise God’s people to change God’s world, and aims at raising one million hours of community service annually through volunteers.

In Kenya the focus has been to harness people and resources to restore dignity and hope to children in public primary schools and those serving term in our correctional institutions. Our goal is to raise one million hours of community service annually through volunteers.

  1. Why we do it?

Most public primary schools and correctional facilities in Kenya are in very bad shape and their resources are strained. This has led to a loss of hope, stripping of dignity and esteem to those who are in these institutions. Mavuno’s Kenyan campuses have chosen to make these two areas their main STL focus areas as they heed the third stanza of Kenya’s national anthem: “Let all with one accord, In common bond united, Build this our nation together, And the glory of Kenya, The fruit of our labour, Fill every heart with thanksgiving”.

However, the needs are different for each nation and we encourage the Mavuno churches in each country to find one societal issue which they can focus all their members to jointly address every year.

  1. Who organises it?

Mavuno Church is the co-ordinating centre. However, the STL campaign is not closed to Mavuno Church members only. All who are interested to participate and restore dignity and hope to institutions and  to our brothers and sisters are welcome regardless of religious affiliations or the lack of it.

  1. How can I participate?

Solving the needs of our communities requires an investment of both time and money. We encourage every member of Mavuno to note when their campus is engaging in an STL activity and to not only plan to participate but also invite friends and family members to come along and participate.  That incidentally, is also a great way for our unchurched contacts to see the church of Jesus in action doing good to their city! You can also donate to STL initiative through giving money or gifts in kind, that will help achieve the initiative’s objective, and this could include getting the company you work for to come on as an STL sponsor.

In Kenya, we raised both human resource (to paint, plant trees, landscape, etc and finances that would allow us to purchase the resources required at the specific schools (paint, paint brushes, rollers, sand paper, drinking water, trees, manure, etc) for the 2018 activities. We are still raising funds to reach the target of Ksh 4.8 Million towards the 2018 edition. You can also donate to the campaign through Paybill 508700, Account STL.  If you are linked to an individual or organization that can partner with the STL campaign, you can connect the individual or organization with STL through sending an email to info@mavunochurch.org

           When does STL campaign happen?

The joint Spread The Love Campaign takes place in most Mavuno Churches during the month of August, though activities continue throughout the year.  In Kenya, the STL 2018 edition held its community activities in August 2018 at five public schools, namely Mlolongo Primary, Plainsview Primary, State House Road Primary, Rabai Road Primary and Lavington Primary.  During the rest of the year, Mavunites are encouraged to participate in any form of community service and log in the hours spent with their campus pastors to contribute to 1 million hours that we as God’s people have targeted to bless our communities.

For more information, please check out https://web.facebook.com/Spread-The-Love-Kenya-810920999298201/