Do you want to strengthen your life and gain victory over personal challenges? Are you looking to overcome past baggage, current struggles, or conquer fear? This is the experience to sign up for. SIMAMA is a Swahili word that means Stand.

Relationships whether romantic or with family members can be complex. Why do we find ourselves in bad relationships in the first place? Why despite our best intentions, do we find ourselves in abusive relationships?  Why do some of us continue in relationships even when our partners are unfaithful? Why are some choosing to be ‘kept’ men and women? And why are people choosing not to commit to a relationship opting instead to become ‘friends with benefits’? Why do we find ourselves mismanaging relationships with your family members, friends or colleagues, holding bitterness and grudges, being jealous of other people’s success or having a low self-esteem.

Are you gripped by compulsive behaviours like alcoholism, drug addiction, masturbation or pornography or risky sexual behaviour? Have you ever tried to stop and found yourself unable to?

SIMAMA study is a ten week study, that attempts to help us understand ourselves better by ‘looking inside’.  We explore situations around us and attempt to answer questions we are already asking like….

Who am I?  Even more importantly; why do I do the things I do?

Why do I find it difficult to hold down a job? 

Or why do I get so defensive when confronted?

Through the SIMAMA experience you will explore this situations with the aim of reconciliation’ a reconciliation within ourselves of the hurts, disappointments and wounds that we have carried in our lives and which have limited us from experiencing life as God intended us to.

To sign up for this journey of self-discovery send an email to info@mavunochurch.org or call us on 0720051763. May God bless you begin your journey of self-discovery.

Or you can fill up the sign up sheet below and register