Most of us spend 80% of our productive time at work! If we are truly to live out our God purpose, then what does living out our faith in the marketplace look like? What does being a Christian look like at work?

Through a seven lesson experience Marketplace experience helps you to examine how faith plays out at work and to work with God to transform the marketplace  As

The objectives

  • To understand your calling in the marketplace
  • Overcome the ethical challenges in the workplace
  • Understand God’s purpose at work
  • Apply God’s power to win at work
  • Prevail in impacting your industry for God.

How we do it

Marketplace is best done in a small group setting of about four to seven participants.  Each group member needs to have a copy of the manual and is required to read the lesson within the week and meet with your group at the agreed upon day to discuss the take-aways of the lesson.

A facilitator equipped with a leader’s guide will guide the group in exploring what they learned within the week and clarifying action points.

At the end of the eight lessons (the eight is a reflection), a one-day-retreat is recommended.  The goals of the retreats includes reflection, listening to God, praying for one another and for the workplace and commissioning you for success in the workplace.

a Christian, God want you to live every day to fulfil your purpose, find fulfillment and serve him.

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